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Eric Clark, production & design artist.  The man who brought Dexter Graves to life (of a sort) for my book cover.  Check out more of his amazing work at

Otto Kitsinger, photo guy.  One of the best event/travel photographers you’ll ever see.  He’s responsible for the cool blue skyline behind the words you’re reading even now.  Bug him for prints, photo services, book cover images, etcetera, at

Vinnie Torres, the President of the Internet.  Vinnie got me set up here on WordPress, with my own domain name and everything.  If you’re in the dark about such matters, get in touch with him for web hosting and consulting.,,

Grant Mahnken, professional proofreading in a timely manner.  Inquire at

Jamie Neese, graphic designer, creator of all things eye-catching.  Take a look at some of his TV & film work (as well as the Graves’ End cover!) here on the Art Director’s Guild website.