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Sean Patrick Traver (artist’s approximation)

A little bit about me:  I was born and raised in Los Angeles, the city I write about, where I continue to live with enough books to bury me in the event of an earthquake.  I like to say I spent the duration of the Bush Administration studying Magic(k) in both its practical and theoretical forms, but in truth my interest in all things odd and occult has been with me far longer than that.  As soon as I learned to read, all I had an appetite for were ghosts, witches, monsters, and then later for the lore their pop-culture appearances are founded upon as well.


Mictlantecuhtli & Me

Today my writing explores the hidden worlds that lurk behind the sleek facade LA presents to a casual observer.  In addition to the traffic, the film studios, and the cookie-cutter suburbs, there are opulent courtyards and private gardens high up in the Hills, as well as blank, black-market warehouses crouched down in the Valley below. There are ritual shrines hidden near the hiking trails and secret practitioners who summon the spirits left over from a thousand years of history.  Some people even say there’s a Hole in the Sky above the city, and that it opens onto the ancient Aztec Realm of the Dead… although exactly where it is and how one reaches it is a matter of much debate among the local magical operators.


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