BrujaChica: The Education of a Witch

A ghost, a garden, and a girl…

Tomas Delgado, the ghost of a century-old necromancer who currently resides in the body of a black cat, takes a young orphan-turned-witch under his tutelage. This episodic tale takes us from Tom’s earliest efforts to provide shelter and food for a young girl in an unforgiving urban landscape to her eventual maturation into a powerful sorcerer who must decide how to use her extraordinary skills in the everyday world.


Episode One:The Fat Lady Sings

Predators lurk in the city and one has set his sights on Tom’s young ward. In his current form as a tiny, sickly kitten, he’s no match for this human monster. Not far away, though, there just might be a lady who is…


BRUJACHICA is an episodic series of eight novellas, published by Omnium Gatherum. The first volume, THE FAT LADY SINGS, is available for pre-order now and drops on Oct. 29th, 2018, with subsequent installments to follow.