Wraith Ladies Who Lunch

A surreal story about lonely ghosts from bygone times making the best of 21st-century LA

“A charming exploration of the afterlife viewed from the perspective of a mismatched clique of spirits trapped in Los Angeles. The story comes alive in the keenly observed detail. A delightful novella!”
–Kate Jonez, Bram Stoker Award nominated author

“With this modern-day ghost story Traver weaves a sophisticated, poignant tale of death and life with the gentle touch of a loving craftsman.”



“A fascinating, insightful and well balanced book that is truly artfully crafted.”

Fangs for the Fantasy.com


“The author’s love for people and places, grasp of historical details, and sense of wit make his tale one of the smartest and freshest stories I’ve read in years.

–Raul Garza, Goodreads


“Just enough weird with the right amount of modern self-reference to keep you entangled.”



“A twisted perspective on the important questions.”



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