The Art of John De Jesus

Helena by John De Jesus. Used With Permission

(An article I wrote for Creepy L.A. – the Los Angeles Halloween & Horror Website)

Death isn’t separate from life in the works of sculptor John De Jesus— it’s simply the flip side of the same celebration.  His subjects may be deceased, but you won’t catch them dead in shrouds or somber mourning garb any time soon.  They’re still having too much fun for that.

La Bella Muerte, his series of original bas-relief woodcarvings, combines the ironic wit of traditional Dia de Los Muertos imagery with the glamor and excitement of an Italian fashion runway.  His skeletal cover girls pose in slinky cocktail gowns and retro mini-dresses, or else rockabilly tops and (very) skinny jeans.  Defiantly lively even in death, each carving has a distinct attitude and style all her own.

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